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Hospitality Trade Program (htp)

Designed by Hoteliers for Hoteliers. 


The permanent need for new amenities imposed by the franchised hospitality industry conjugated with a constantly increasing cost of booking iregulated by the monopoly of the very few online travel agencies has lead some prominent members of the Hospitality Industry to realize that there was a need for an inovative and alternative business model to provide hotel owners with important equipment at no cash cost and thus valorize hotels' underperforming assets


htpNRG Energy Program allows owners or management companies to equip their hotels with SOlar Panels at no cash cost, Our experienced installers across the nation have the expertise to seamlessly install, with very little disturbance to your day-to-day business, htpNRG mostly sources its equipment from tier one suppliers.


Where do we sell our rooms:


With hpt, your guest redeem their loyalty program points or miles with htpNRG rooms. With htpNRG the Hotel can access a unique and proprietary Guest Membership Data Base and its new Exclusive B2B Distribution Network with almost 5,000 Distributors. Our Guests are typically Club Members or Businesses.




We believe that a strong solution to the U.S. aging grid infrastructure is a blockchain articulated smart microgrid that will provide the hospitality industry with an environmentally and financially sustainable electricity source.  This network of smart grids, complemented by htp's alternative currency (Electronic Voucher or EV), will also help the entire hospitality industry take advantage of their underperforming assets (unsold rooms). In the United States, out of the 4 million hotel rooms over 1.4 million rooms are empty every night. 


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