With htpNRG                                   Without htpNRG

3.8 Cents / kWh                   12 Cents / kWh







As much as $400,000


Novogradac will also provide the Hotelier with a solar panels appraisal that will increase the equity by up to $400,000 that can be added to the hotel's appraised value. This off the book financing will not be considered as a debt and is transferable to the next owner if hotel is sold.


With htpNRG, the price of Electricity is almost 70% cheaper than the average U.S price of elctricity based on EIA's July 2017 report. EIA Energy Information Administration is the statistical and Analytical Agency within the U.S Department of Energy. 

What is an Under Performing - Unsold Room:

An Under Performing - Unsold Room or Occupancy is a Rooms that the hotel never has the capability to sell. If a hotel's occupancy is approximately 65% like an average U.S Hotel. Out of 100 rooms, 35 rooms are unsold or under performing each night.

htpNRG utilizes approximately  5-7% of the Hotel's total inventory to pay for the energy.  The cost to hoteliers at avoidable costs is approximately $14* per day or around $400 per month or $4,800 annually leaving a net saving of about $17,000 annually that hotelier doesn't have to share with htpNRG.  

Novogradac's Study shows that only avoidable cost have to be taken into account to calculate the cost of an under performing - unsold room sold on unconventional networks that do not enter in competition with hotel's usual distribution networks sold by franchisors and online travel agencies (OTA) 

Novogradac & Company LLP is ranked by Accounting Today and Inside Public Accounting as one of the top 50 accounting firms in the nation.


In this case htpNRG will be required to be advised that the is hotel being sold and the htpNRG contract can transferred to another owner and htpNRG's EVouchers will continue to be honored by the new owner until the end of the contract and against maintenance of the Solar Panels.