htpNRG Solar provides Hotel owners with full Solar Photovoltaic Electric Upgrades.  htp’s clients (Hotels) just have to trade a fraction of their unsold room inventory to cover the cost of the equipment. 


(ex a 80 Unit hotel with a 70% Occupancy loses 24 rooms every night).

With htpNRG Hotels can reduce their energy cost by 80-90%.

htpNRG will prepay the Solar Equipment and full installation on behalf of the hotel and htp will receive Electronic Vouchers for payment.

IMPORTANT htpNRG will NEVER send more than 5 guests per night for a 50 unit hotel* or up to 10% of the hotel's inventory.

Based on our experience most of the time htp sends between 0 and 4 guests per day*.

To learn more about the Solar Array for Hotels Program please contact htpNRG

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