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About Us - Our Partners & htpnrg

htpnrg aims to install approximately 1,000 hotels over the next few years, contributing to a total of about 100MW of aggregated solar array capacity. Our vision includes addressing the challenges posed by the aging U.S. grid infrastructure through the implementation of a blockchain-driven smart microgrid. This innovative approach not only offers the hospitality industry a sustainable electricity source but also ensures environmental and financial viability.

The interconnected network of smart grids, coupled with htp's alternative cryptocurrency known as Electronic Voucher (EV), serves as a solution to leverage underutilized assets, particularly unsold rooms in hotels. In the United States, with over 4 million hotel rooms available, more than 1.4 million rooms remain vacant every night. This initiative seeks to optimize these resources while promoting environmental sustainability and financial resilience in the hospitality sector.

Hospitality Trade Program (htp)

Designed by Hoteliers for Hoteliers  


The perpetual demand for new amenities in the franchised hospitality industry, coupled with the escalating costs dictated by a few online travel agencies, has prompted influential figures in the Hospitality Industry to recognize the necessity for an innovative and alternative business model. This model aims to provide hotel owners with crucial equipment without incurring cash costs, thereby valorizing underperforming assets within hotels.

htpnrg's Energy Program offers hotel owners or management companies the opportunity to outfit their hotels with solar panels at no cash cost. Our nationwide team of experienced installers ensures a seamless installation process, minimizing disruptions to the hotels' day-to-day operations. htpnrg primarily sources its equipment from top-tier suppliers.

Room Sales Strategy:

With htpnrg, our clients redeem their loyalty program points or miles for htpnrg rooms through our exclusive membership and the Room Coin Blockchain technology platform, functioning as an electronic coin/token. Leveraging htpnrg's unique client membership base, hotels gain access to a proprietary Guest Membership Database and an Exclusive B2B Distribution Network with nearly 5,000 distributors. Our guests, primarily corporate and individual club members, participate in htpnrg's Room Coin Blockchain platform, acquiring rooms through electronic cryptocurrency transactions.

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