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htpNRG Solar offers comprehensive Solar Photovoltaic Electric Upgrades for hotel owners. In a unique arrangement, htpNRG's clients, the hotels, can offset the costs of equipment, installation, and maintenance by trading a portion of their unsold room inventory, referred to as underperforming assets.

For instance, consider an 80-unit hotel with a 65% occupancy, leaving approximately 28 rooms unsold every night. With htpnrg, hotels have the opportunity to significantly reduce their energy costs, potentially achieving a 70-75% reduction.

htpNRG takes the initiative to prepay for the solar equipment and complete installation on behalf of the hotel. In return, htpNRG receives Electronic Room Vouchers as payment.


This innovative approach ensures that htpNRG utilizes no more than a limited number of guests per night, capped at 7% of the hotel's maximum inventory. This symbiotic arrangement allows hotels to embrace sustainable energy solutions without upfront financial burdens.


The htpNRG program aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and actively contributes to creating a better planet by achieving the following environmental milestones:

  • Reducing approximately 3,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

  • Generating 3,362,180 kWh of solar energy.

  • Planting 11,431 trees, equivalent to fostering reforestation efforts.

  • Providing energy equivalent to powering 852 lamp bulbs, promoting sustainable and efficient lighting solutions.

In essence, the htpNRG program plays a crucial role in addressing climate action, clean energy, life on land, and affordable and clean energy goals outlined in the United Nations' 2030 agenda.


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