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An Under Performing - Unsold Room refers to a hotel room that the establishment is unable to sell. In the context of a hotel with an average occupancy rate of approximately 65%, such as the average U.S. hotel, out of 100 rooms, around 35 rooms remain unsold or underperforming each night (Source: Smith Travel Research STR).

htpNRG utilizes approximately 5-7% of the hotel's total inventory to cover the energy costs. The cost to hoteliers is approximately $14* per day per occupied room, translating to around $400 per month or $4,800 annually. This results in a net saving of about $17,000 annually in energy saving with Solar, which the hotelier doesn't have to share with htpNRG.

According to Novogradac's Study, only avoidable costs need to be considered when calculating the cost of an underperforming-unsold room sold on unconventional networks. These networks do not compete with the hotel's usual distribution channels, such as those operated by franchisors and online travel agencies (OTA).

With htpnrg, the cost of electricity is significantly reduced, offering a price that is almost 70-75% cheaper than the average U.S. electricity price, as reported by the EIA (Energy Information Administration) in their July 2017 report.


The EIA serves as the statistical and analytical agency within the U.S. Department of Energy, providing valuable insights into energy-related data and trends. This substantial reduction in electricity costs demonstrates the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of htpnrg's approach to sustainable energy solutions for the hospitality industry.


With htpNRG                                   Without htpNRG

3.8 Cents / kWh                   12 Cents / kWh

As much as $400,000


Novogradac offers an additional benefit to hoteliers by providing a solar panels appraisal that can increase the equity of the hotel by up to $400,000. This increase in equity is a valuable addition to the hotel's appraised value. Importantly, this off-the-book financing is not considered as a debt, and it remains transferable to the next owner if the hotel is sold. This innovative approach allows hoteliers to enhance the financial position of their property without incurring traditional debt obligations, providing a unique and transferable asset tied to the solar panel investment.


Novogradac & Company LLP holds a prominent position in the accounting industry and is recognized as one of the top 50 accounting firms in the nation. This acknowledgment comes from reputable sources such as Accounting Today and Inside Public Accounting. The firm's ranking underscores its expertise, reputation, and standing within the accounting profession on a national level.

In the event of a hotel being sold, the current owner is required to inform htpNRG about the impending sale. The contract with htpNRG can then be transferred to the new owner, subject to approval. Importantly, htpnrg's Electronic Vouchers (EVouchers) will continue to be honored by the new owner until the conclusion of the contract, provided that maintenance of the solar panels is diligently upheld. This ensures a seamless transition for the new hotel owner, allowing them to continue benefiting from the terms and conditions of the agreement with htpNRG.

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