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Shed a better light on your hotel & Increase your Equity



Designed Exclusively for Hoteliers 

 Save up to 75% with htpnrg Solar - No Capital Investments 

Trade your underperforming unsold rooms to install Solar Panels in your hotel. 


htpnrg Solar package will reduce your overall energy costs by up  to 75%. 

Excluding industry demand charges from local power companies

Typical ESPC (Energy Saving Performance Contracts) demand a very large portion 

of the monthly savings for many years.


With htpnrg, Hoteliers KEEP 100% of the energy savings, in trade for a limited number of underperforming rooms per year.


htpnrg will maintain the Hotel's Solar Panels 

at no cost for 20 years

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A concerted effort to manage the global impact on climate
change and the nations desperate need to reduce Co2 emissions

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